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Banjo-/Mandoline-/Bouzoukichords and Tabulatures for The Pogues
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Ohne Gewähr :-)

If somebody has material or ideas, which make my sheets better, please let me know. I am a pure noob and bloody
beginner, so the possibility is pretty big, that there are mistakes and errors. I have no idea about music.....

If you have hints, tips and tricks oder sugestions, how the Tabs could be changed to fit better, please let me know or send me
corrections on

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Bonus Track:
Johnny Come Lately (Steve Earle) Open-G 19.02.2015
Whiskey in the Jar with the Dubliners Open-G 19.02.2015
Transmetropolitan - 21.05.2015
The Battle of Brisbane Open-G
The Auld Triangle - - -
Waxie's Dargle - - -
Boys from the County Hell C-Tuning
Sea Shanty - - -
Dark Streets of London - - -
Streams of Whiskey Open-G
Poor Paddy - - -
Dingle Regatta - - -
Greenland Whale Fisheries - - -
Down in the Ground Where the
Dead Men Go
- - -
Kitty Open-G coming soon
The Leaving Of Liverpool - - -
Muirshin Duirkin - - -
Repeal Of The Licensing Laws - - -
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda Open-G
Whiskey You're The Devil - - -
The Wild Rover - - -
The Sick Bed of Cúchulainn - - -
The Old Main Drag coming soon - -
Wild Cats of Kilkenny - - -
I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day Open-G
A Pair of Brown Eyes Open-G
Sally MacLennane - - -
Dirty Old Town (beginner) Open-G
Dirty Old Town V2 (advanced) Open-G
Jesse James Open-G need help on ending part
Navigator Open-G 19.02.2015
Billy's Bones - - -
The Gentleman Soldier - - -
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda Open-G
A Pistol for Paddy Garcia Open-G
London Girl - - -
Rainy Night in Soho Open-G
Body of an American - - -
Planxty Noel Hill - - -
The Parting Glass - - -
If I Should Fall from Grace with God
Turkish Song of the Damned
Bottle of Smoke
Fairytale of New York coming soon Open-G
Thousands Are Sailing Capo 2nd, 5th to A still under construction :-) - just a first test
Medley: The Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky
Road to Dublin/The Galway Races
Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six
Lullaby of London Open-C tune G-String down to C
Sit Down by the Fire
The Broad Majestic Shannon Open-G coming soon
The Battle March Medley
The Irish Rover coming soon Open-G
The Irish Rover coming soon GDAE
Mountain Dew
Shanne Bradley
Sketches Of Spain
South Australia
White City coming soon
Young Ned of the Hill coming soon GDAE
Capo 3rd 08.03.15
Tuesday Morning Open-G
I found many ideas on the web and in the Medusaforum. A guy named "gam" brought me on the track, but is not reachable any more. Thanks to him.
Finnegans Wake GDAE i play it one string higher - only A+E 07.01.2016
The Galway Races GDAE 04.05.2016
Hot Asphalt GDAE 09.02.2016
I'll Tell Me Ma GDAE

2nd clip is the studio version. I play it with capo 2nd and one string down 07.01.2016
The Kerry Recruit GDAE 04.05.2016
Mc Alpines Fusiliers GDAE 06.08.2015
Rocky Road To Dublin GDAE 05.07.2016
Whiskey in the Jar GDAE In the live version i play it with capo 2nd and one string down 04.05.2016
Star of the County Down GDAE 10.07.2021
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